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We are pleased to announce that we are stepping into the Overwatch scene with our newly acquired team!

The team consists of:

Rob “Oncodiene” Byrne – Main tank

Sean “ImmobileWall” Foley – Main Support

Carl “Slayer” Thomasson – DPS

Love “Nefl” Flink – DPS (Hitscan)

Hsu Hao “Xuu” Xu – Flex Support

David “JustMoose” Mitchell – Full Flex

Shane “Bear” McKenna – Active sub

“We are very much looking forward to working with our new Overwatch team! We had been looking at delving into another game within esports, although it’s not something we are familiar with but felt it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss out on. This will allow us to support more Irish talent as well as showcase our brand in another community. 3 of the players are Irish, with 2 being from Sweden and 1 being from Holland. Talks had been ongoing for a number of weeks and we took our time to make sure everyone was happy from the teams point of view and NSG’s point of view”

Stuart McAllister, NSG Director. 

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