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We are please to welcome Carl “Peggy” Kneale and Liam “Murky” Smallwood to our CS:GO lineup after Sam “Diablo” Biden decided to move into the coaching role and Luke “LeLewk” Terry decided that playing within a team didn’t suit him.

Liam is 16 years old with with 1 LAN under his belt after competing at i60. He was also a former player under PlusOne and FragStop and will take up the role of AWPer within the team.

Carl brings a vast amount of experience with him from playing under Choke gaming, Team Xenex, Rise and uFrag. He placed 1st at Epic Lan 15, 2nd at i55 and 3rd at i50 and Epic LAN 16.

We as an organisation very much look forward to seeing this lineup in action, competing in mainly online tournaments to start with.



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